Austausch 2022

CineCinema Malmö Kunst Film Treffen

CineCinema – to all parts art is a joint project between Filmbüro Bremen, FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Sweden) and På stubben (Huaröd, Sweden).

Sa. 23.04.22 um 11 Uhr beim Filmfest Bremen im City46

CineCinema – Auftakt zum deutsch-schwedischen Austausch

CineCinema – to all parts art is a joint project between Filmbüro Bremen, FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Sweden) and På stubben (Huaröd, Sweden). 12 Kurzfilme und 12 Künstler:innen: Das schwedisch-deutsche Austauschprogramm „CineCinema – To all parts art“ stellt seine Teilnehmer:innen vor.

Paul Jackson: Deathdance
Paul Jackson: Deathdance
På stubben
På stubben

With an ambition to emphasize what makes film making so unique as an art form - sound and image, and what reaches us beyond the limitations of rationality - we´d like to inspire you to break the boundaries of linear storytelling and simplified causality.
The unique qualities of sound and image, rhythm and editing, the visual symbols and the poetic possibilities of words in a cinematic context - that´s our focus!

Sounds interesting?

Well, in that case you can apply to participate in our three CineCinema days which will take place in Sweden in August 2022. We´ll kick off the 3 days at the Hypnos Theatre in Malmö, including film screenings, art installations and performances - a journey into a world of images and sound - in an attempt to let go of our limiting sense and reasons.

The remaining days will take place at the cultural centre På stubben, based in the middle of Skåne, in a forest far away from distracting city lights. By workshops, exchange of ideas, discussions and screenings we wish to approach the subject. Here within lies the concept of having filmmakers meet across borders. Maybe we can learn something from our neighbors? To gain artistic courage by meeting like-minded people outside the local community? 
Together we will try to find inspiration in art forms other than film; like poetry, visual arts and performance, sound and music. We will live and discuss visions - big and small - together. We will search for ways to express ourselves within the art form of our choice - FILM.
We will also focus on inspiring thoughts and ideas about film projects, yours and the others, which hopefully will lead to creative solutions and enriching collaborations.

CineCinema Days: August 11th - 14th, 2022

Participants: 12 (6 from Sweden and 6 from Germany)
Language: English (and the universal language of art…)

Deadline for application: 13./03/2022

Participant fee: Maybe, but NOT much. You will only have to make a small financial contribution of your own. More precise information will follow next year.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has already had their first film experiences, but who isn't an established filmmaker yet. The exchange is meant for up and coming filmmakers and aims to support the participants in their creative development (with or without a precise project in mind). In your application, we would like you to tell us where and how you seek support in your development as an artist, which skills, or which unfinished project (idea) of yours you would like to work on.

If you are interested, please apply with a link to an existing artwork (as a reference), a letter of motivation (max. 1 A4 page), and a few words about yourself (super short CV). You are welcome to state in your letter of motivation, whether you would like to work on a specific project, or what skills you would like the workshop to focus on. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Astrid: (Email-Adresse) or Johan at filmcentrum: (Email-Adresse)

FilmCentrum Syd is a non-profit organization - a place for independent filmmakers in the region of Skåne to create and to meet. The membership fee is 300 SEK/year. We offer production support - equipment, production development, facilities etc. And we have a grant (of 5 000 SEK) in co-operation with Film i Skåne. We also organize education related to film making, as well as seminars, network gatherings and screenings. Film CentrumSyd is actively working for a diverse and multifaceted film climate, where we encourage experimental and artistically challenging film making - to give filmmakers opportunities to discover and develop their personal “voice” and style. We are committed to film as an art-form, and we focus on the filmmaker and the filmmakers’ vision. Film CentrumSyd is supported by: Malmö Stad, Region Skåne & Kulturrådet.

Filmbüro Bremen represents the interests of Bremen filmmakers as a registered non-profit organization, and has been strengthening the city's independent film scene as the official Cultural Film Fund of the State of Bremen, supported by the The Senator for Culture, since 1988. With a focus on promoting documentary, experimental and artistic film and video work in Bremen - be it through project funds, training and coaching, networking or presentation.
The Filmbüro offers film funding, film events, free project consultations for filmmakers, networking/cooperations, workshops + lectures, newsletter with industry news, film archive, representation of (regional) filmmakers’ interests in public/political settings.


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