In Dog Years I'm Dead von Kenji Ouellet

Young ballet dancers – not necessarily the typical poster children of ballet school – comment their training with quotes from known personalities ranging from Kim Kardashian or Therese of Avila to Mikhail Baryschnikov. Taking the body politics and the fate of children in ballet as a starting point, the film raises issues going beyond the dance world.

In Dog Years Im Dead 2
In Dog Years Im Dead 2

2018, HD, Stereo, 13 Min.

In Dog Years I’m Dead shows young ballet dancers training and commenting their exercises with quotes from known personalities (from Kim Kardashian and Sasha Grey to Toni Bentley, Samuel Beckett and dancers or choreographers like Mikhail Baryschnikov und George Balanchine.)
To what extent the children and adolescents who say those memorable, sometimes deeply philosophical phrases, humorous statements and seemingly banal truisms understand them remains unclear. Within that disconcerting contrast a full picture arises, which is as fascinating as it is contradictory- the work is about dance but is able to point far beyond it.
(Text: Ingo Clauss)

Kenji Ouellet, © Barbara Grayson
Kenji Ouellet, © Barbara Grayson

Kenji Ouellet. Born in Québec and based in Berlin, director Kenji Ouellet is also a pianist (MA Piano Performance, CUNY), graduated in Digital Art (University for Applied Arts, Vienna) and in Experimental Media Design (Film, University of the Arts, Berlin). His work consists mostly of films/videos and performances for the touch sense and has been shown internationally, including at the Media Forum (Moscow International Film Festival), the Zendai Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art (Bremen), Videologia (Volgograd), the Cologne Art Film Biennial, the Strange Screen Festival (Thessaloniki), Le Havre Biennial, Media Art Friesland (NL), the European Media Art Festival (Osnabrück), Videoex (Zürich) and at the Mois Multi (Québec).

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Ausstellung in der Weserburg. Künstlergespräch am 20.05.17 um 18:30h. Rahmenprogramm Film am 21.05.17 um 12h in der Schauburg.

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