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Ziegert, Detlef
Ziegert, Detlef


- Verleger
- Filmverleiher (Arthouse)
- Produzent (analog)
- Produzent (digital)
- Festival- & eventmanagement
- Int. distribution

Filme und Projekte

Family Feelings
(Org. Trazos familiares)
by José Pedro Charlo
P: SUR Films, Guazú Media (Uruguay)
supported by MEDIA, Ibermedia, ICAU
L: 72 min, Documentary
European Premiere 27.05. – 24.06.2019:
Pamplona, Barcelona, Malmö, Kopenhagen,
Stockholm, Wien, Rom, Paris

A sign of hope
(Org. La Señal)
by Leandro Pinto le Roux
P: via expresa (Peru), SUR Films
supported by EZEF (Germany), Ministerio de Cultura (Peru)
L: 76 min, Documentary

Klappe – Die Erste
Der Blick hinter die Kulissen
(Behind the scenes - Film. TV. Internet.)
by Udo Alberts, Dr. Ulrich Spies, Detlef Ziegert
P: media profile & communikation in cooperation
with dffb, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, FSF, ifs Köln, institut für journalistik/TU Dortmund, news media, nrwision, SUR Films
Crossmedial: DVD 400 min + website /

(Ass. Producer)
Made in Bangkok
by Flavio Florencio
P: Laura Imperiale, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez
México, Germany
75 min, Cinema-documentary film

(Ass. Producer)
by Daniela Speranza
P: Guazú Media, Cinemagroup, Cacerola Film, SUR Films
Uruguay, Argentina, México
93 min, Fiction - comedy

Jedem Kind ein Instrument - Ein Jahr Mit Vier Tönen
(An instrument for every child)
by Oliver Rauch
P: SUR Films in copro.with WDR and cine plus
support by Filmstiftung NRW, FFA, DFFF
90 min, Cinema-documentary film

Hier spielt die Musik!
(Here Music is King!)
by Gaby Lingke
P: SUR Films in coproduction with LWL and FWU
20 min, Children‘s and Family documentary

The Circle
by José Pedro Charlo & Aldo Garay
P: Memoria y Sociedad, SUR Films, Guazú Media, Morocha Films, Parox
supported by Programa Ibermedia
Awards see:
92 min, Documentary

License Number One
by Matilde Michanié
P: SUR Films, Morocha Films, Yaguareté Films
supported by nordmedia, INCAA
World Premiere: Buenos Aires International Filmfestival
80 min, Documentary

(Co-Producer and Marketing)
Kill Them All
by Esteban Schroeder
P: Esteban Schroeder y asociados, Parox, SUR Films, Guazú Media, Morocha Films
Awards: Int. Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano 2007 / Cuba
Best Actress, Best Screenplay & SIGNIS-Award
97 min, Feature Film

(Executive Producer and Marketing)
Alvaro's Big Appearance
by Oliver Rauch
P: SUR Films, KI.KA
supported by nordmedia
25 min, childrens documentary

(Producer and Marketing)
"The Forgotten"
Awards see:
by Driss Deiback, 54 Min, documentary

(Co-Producer and Marketing)
"The Ninth"
by Pierre-Henry Salfati
78 Min, documentary

(Ass. Producer)
"Palabras verdaderas"
(Words of Truth)
by Ricardo Casas,

(Member of Production Staff)
"The Devil's Apprentice"
by Wilfried Huismann, 54 Min, documentary

(Co-Producer and Marketing)
directed by Eva López Sánchez,
with Ulrich Noethen and Fabiola Campomanes,
First Co-Procuction ever México/Spain/Germany, 85 Min, Fiction Film

(Executive Producer and Marketing)
"Dear Fidel - Marita´s Story"
by Wilfried Huismann, 90 Min, Docudrama

(Associate Producer)
directed by Daniel Calparsoro
Spain/France/Germany, 90 Min, Fiction Film

Es war einmal ein Land an einem Kanal"
by Ana De Skalon, 53 Min, documentary

(Author and Producer)
"ALLberts Abenteuer -
Besuch aus dem Weltraum"
together with the cameraman Udo Alberts, children's film

1998 - 1999
"Century of the Wind"
by Fernando Birri, author: Eduardo Galeano,
90 Min, documentary

(Executive Production)
"Che: Death or Utopia?"
by Fernando Birri, 90 Min, documentary

"Traum vom Anderssein"
directed by Ralf Marschalleck,
45 Min, documentary

"Karl May"
directed by Claus Peter Eberwein,
60 Min, Filmportrait

1996 - 1997
(Author and Executive Producer)
"Indian Country", "Ich bin Winnetou"
30 Min documentaries

(Executive Producer and Production Manager)
ARTE Thematic evening
"Weißer Mann, was nun? -
45 Jahre Entwicklungspolitik"
with Gordian Troeller, Nawina Sundaram, Jörg Hafkemeyer, Roshan Dhunjibhoy, Michael Eimler, Fernando Birri, Eduardo Galeano a.o.

1991 - 1993
"Etudes about love"
3 episodes about the change in Russia,
documentary in 35mm by the now internationally well known Russian director Vitalij Manskij

1991 - 1998
(Co-Author and Executive Producer)
"Daniel und die Geister der MAKAH",
"Cola und Kanu"
- 2 films for television and
"MAKAH - the whale harvesters"
- 1 cinema documentary about the MAKAH Indians at the pacific coast in north-west America- the special production concept arose from the need to have a west - east cooperation with east-german filmmakers.

1980 - 1996
helping and co-producing with various productions as a distributor

"What about OIL…"
documentary together with Thomas Giefer


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