Zainab Haidary


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Haidary Zainab
Haidary Zainab


Zainab Haidary is a visual artist. She has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Kabul University, and currently studies at the HfK Bremen/Germany.
She is a member of Women in Film and TV.
Zainab has shown her art both on a national and international scale. She was an artist of DOCUMENTA (13) and has thus exhibited her works in Kassel, Germany and Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012.

Filme und Projekte

The Thing – von Zainab Haidary

I learned at school that an object can define or represent a specific fact, a theory or a thought. Ein Dokumentar Video.

I did not choose – Zainab Haidary

Projektstipendium Filmstart02 (Produktion)

I want to be shawarma
I want to be shawarma

Der Publikumspreis der 54. Young Collection ging an Zainab Haidary für ihren Animationsfilm "I want to be shahmama", den sie ausgehend von eigenen Zeichnungen Schritt für Schritt in eine animierte Geschichte verwandelt hatte.


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