The 16th Bremen Award for Video Art Call for Entries 2007

The annual Bremen Award for Video Art supports the production and presentation of two actual video art projects. Only concepts for audio-visual works can be submitted, that have not been previously realized.


Video Art Award #16
The Filmbüro Bremen, awards two prizes for concepts of video art projects.

The curator of the award 2007 is Marikke Heinz-Hoek, videoartist from Bremen.

A three-strong independent jury of experts selects two projects and awards the prize money:

1st Prize: 4.000 EUR
2nd Prize: 1.000 EUR

The jury will award one of the prizes to participants from Bremen, Bremerhaven and their twin towns. The prize money should be used for the realisation of the artistic concepts. The premiere of the artwork should be in Bremen. Therefore the Filmbüro is organizing an exhibition for the winners in Bremen in fall 2008 (at Kunsthalle, Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen or Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst).

Video artists in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria...) as well as from Bremen's twin towns (Bratislava, Cherbourg-Octeville, Corinto, Dalian, Frederikshavn, Gdansk, Grimsby, Haifa, Izmir, Kaliningrad, Pori, Riga and Szczecin) are invited to apply. Applications must be in German or English. Each participant may submit only one concept.

Application form:
The application form with further information can be downloaded:

Application Form - VKP 2007

PDF:Application Form 16.VKP 2007
Deadline for applications (postmark): October 15, 2007!

Curator: Marikke Heinz-Hoek,
Christian Meier-Kahrweg, Filmbüro Bremen e.V., Waller Heerstrasse 46, 28217 Bremen, Tel ++49-421-387 67 40 (Email-Adresse)

Filmbuero Bremen in cooperation with Bremer Senator für KulturBremischen Landesmedienanstalt, Radio Bremen  and Künstlerinnenverband GEDOK.

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