Minghay Lee

Regie, Kamera, Schnitt, Dokumentarfilm, Videokunst, Digital Colorist

Telefon: 0174-1706515
Email: (Email-Adresse)

No film, no life

After graduated from a film school in Hong Kong, I worked as a behind-the-scene cameraman for a couple Hong Kong films. After on, I worked in a TV station as an editor for a 24 hours news channel.

A couple months later, I got a chance to work in a TV station in Australia, also as editor for a news channel. During the stay in Australia, I also worked as a freelance producer, mainly assisted a Hong Kong company to film documentary in Sydney.

After a year in Australia, I got a job offer in Hong Kong, as a documentary producer. We made documentaries around Asia and showed them on China TV station weekly.

In Germany, I shoot some videos for friends' wedding, MV for local indie bands, produce corporate video for company, color grade feature films and direct some short films for my own fun.

Currently, I am freelancing as producer, cameraman, cutter and digital colorist in Berlin.


I worked and learnt a lot of making documentary in Hong Kong. Now I want to make a movie. Simply tell a story.


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